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Anneliese - glacier lily clutch


Featuring an agate arrowhead surrounded in diamonds and set in .925 sterling silver. Each clutch features: American cowhide with Italian & Spanish hand-cut fringe, a braid in the center from front to back, and whip-stitched together. The interior of the clutches feature cotton/silk ikat fabric that is handmade in Uzbekistan.  Each clutch comes with a removable crossbody chain handle. These little beauties have  been named after a plant or flower in the western part of the United States. 


Made to Order

Each of these clutches have had great love and labor put into them. Entirely made by hand, no sewing machine. I use the finest threads from France to stitch each of these bags. Each clutch has an agate arrowhead surrounded in diamonds and set in .925 sterling silver.  All of the clutches have been highly decorated with gemstones, American mined turquoise, Italian and French beads from the 1800's, exotic feathers, hand-dyed fringe accents, and more. Interior of clutches - cotton/silk ikat handmade in Uzbekistan. Comes with a removeable chain strap. 



Take flight was inspired by the three hand-cut obsidian arrowheads on the center of the bag. Together, the arrowheads create bird silhouette in flight. Stimulating growth on all levels, obsidian urges exploration of the unknown and opening new horizons. These clutches feature European suede, hand braided center, three arrowheads, gemstones, and are entirely whipstitched. Each clutch comes with a removable chain strap. 

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