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Born and raised on a cattle ranch in East Texas, Laura has been embodying the western spirit for most of her life. As a kid, Laura was always creating art. Her childhood room was not typical for a little girl. Laura's bedroom was filled with moose, bears, a hickory wood bunk bed, and anything that represented the mountains all while wearing her red cowboy boots and listening to George Strait. She loved living remotely in the countryside of Texas but always daydreamed of her family's annual trips to Yellowstone National Park.

Her first love was fashion and interior design. Laura's childhood home had fascinating pieces from around the world that her parents collected from living overseas in Africa, Dubai, and Iran. These pieces and their stories were a sense of home. Little did Laura know, after moving away to college to the University of Mississippi, she would start to miss that feeling of wonderment her home gave her. So, after rushing a sorority and struggling to find art classes, she knew this was not the path for her and quickly transferred after one semester to Stephens College to pursue a degree in fashion. She was able to create a self-initiated major where she studied fashion, interior design, and event planning. Loving visual design, she decided to further her education and moved to Florence Italy to study fashion photography. Laura was part of high-end luxury wear photoshoots, featuring Louisa Via Roma.  At the same time studying photography, Laura was introduced to the leather industry. She found herself constantly going into leather boutiques admiring products and saving money to bring back leather gifts to her family. These experiences would become the foundation of Arella. 



Upon returning to the states, she packed her bags again and headed to Big Sky, Montana to experience a different way of living. While managing a resort boutique, she worked closely with small handbag vendors. Laura would admire the leather handbags in the boutique she managed but would always have ideas to strengthen the design. She soon realized she had her own creative ideas and wanted to create something that was a concoction of all things she loved and defined her like the objects she grew up with.  She decided to go back to school to bring her ideas to life. 

Laura moved to Savannah, GA and attended Savannah College of Art and Design where she studied under master designers and artists in The School of Fashion, as well as Fibers, and Jewelry Design. Shortly into the program, her creations were chosen for display within SCAD departments and Laura quickly gained support to start her own company. With just a couple classes under her belt, Laura stopped going to SCAD and started House of Arella from her home in Savannah. Here, she fine-tuned her intro skills and began teaching herself accessory and jewelry techniques from home.  At Laura's first trunk show, she sold all of her pieces that she made in school and gained momentum to create one-of-a-kind specialty pieces for clients. 


Five years later, Laura moved back to Montana to fully embody the direction of her work in a setting that gave her so much inspiration for her designs. Today, Laura focuses not only the design of a product, but the beautiful story behind each creation. Being one-sixteenth Native American of the Ojibwe (Chippewa) tribe, Laura has a strong appreciation for her native ancestors and wants to continue to learn and share her inspiration and knowledge with others through her stories of each piece she creates. 

Arella is a collection of one of a kind handbags and jewelry designed and made by Laura.  From the materials sourced, to the stories created, Arella embodies Laura's passion for artifacts, symbolism, and spiritual connection.  It is an exploration of forging a connection between the old world and the new. Laura strives to create timeless pieces that speak to you, ignite a feeling of magic, and connect you to your wild spirit. 


Handmade for you. By Laura. With love.

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