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Each ARELLA handbag has been carefully made with exceptional leathers from around the world. Most House of Arella handbags are made with full grain vegetable tanned leather from the USA and Italy. These leathers will deepen and soften over time, creating beautiful and rich patinas. Marks and wrinkles are not imperfections, instead character to the nature of the leather. After continuous wear, scratches will soften and blend in, but if this bothers you, read below. 

If you are concerned about scratches, dry leather, or just want to simply buff your beautiful handbag, I suggest purchasing "Huberd's neatsfoot oil leather dressing". Found here, With a small rag, apply a very small amount to the scratches and rub softly in a circular motion. If you are unsure, I always suggest taking a small amount, apply to a Q-tip and very lightly dab onto the scratch.  This product soaks right in, so it will be dark, but lighten a little. Be careful with natural vegetable tanned leather (leather that has not been dyed), the oil might darken the leather.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura here. 

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