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House of Arella's signature clutch and the handbag that started it all. When Laura was taking her first accessory design course at SCAD the final project was to make a clutch. Laura had an arrowhead she had saved up for and decided this was the perfect project to display this spectacular piece. After finals, Laura gifted the original handbag (Sacagawea) to her mom. Months later, Laura was entering into the Independent Handbag Designer Awards and needed photos of some work. Her mom sent the handbag from Montana and while it was being photographed the Dean of the SCAD Fashion School came across it. When Laura went to pick up her handbags, her teacher told her the Dean loved it and was putting it in a glass display at the fashion school. Fortunately Laura's mom was ok with lending her handbag for the next year for all to see. This gave Laura so much motivation to create more arrowhead clutches where each piece would have its own colorway and story. Today, each clutch can be customized for the client's specifications and journey out into the world. 


Each clutch Featuring an agate arrowhead surrounded in diamonds and set in .925 sterling silver. Each clutch features: American & Italian cowhide with Italian & Spanish hand-cut fringe, a braid in the center from front to back, and whip-stitched together. The interior of clutches feature cotton/silk ikat fabric that is handmade in Uzbekistan.  Each clutch comes with a removable crossbody chain handle. These little beauties have each been named after a plant or flower in the western part of the United States. 


Overall dimensions: 9.75" (w) x 4.75" (h) x 2.5" (l)

Fringe length: 12"

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