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Leather, beads, vintage pendant, family kept international coins.

  • The Story

    Adorned with coins, trinkets, and native beads, the Windchime necklace creates beautiful music when worn. Sounding true to a windchime, this piece of art connects us to our natural environment where nature is never silent and links us to other life. These coins came from Laura's father who has saved these from living overseas during the 1970s -1980s. 

  • Healing Effects

    Wind chimes have existed prehistoric times in cultures, dating back to East and South Asia and across the globe to western civilizations. Calming our minds and awaking our souls, tones have a healing effect on our bodies. The vibrations of sound releases emotional blockages and stress. By calming the mind, wind chimes can help help enhance the mind/body/spirit connection and bring peace. 

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