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 Emerging from Chaos, Nyx - "Goddess of the Night", was the the primal void. As the first goddess of the night, she existed before creation, representing the shadowy veil that enveloped the universe in its infancy. She was described as a striking figure, draped in a cloak of starry skies, her eyes glittering like celestial orbs. She personified the night in all its beauty and mystery, possessing an air of both tranquility and potency. This highly beaded bag is an ode to this night goddess. 


Featuring: Labradorite, obsidian arrowheads, clear quartz crystal, silver druzy, black onyx, black spinel, crystal beads, freshwater pearls, aquamarine, seed beads, silver and gold hematite, Italian metallic fringe, Italian black leather, deer, French calf suede, afghan metal beads. 


Overall dimensions: 11" (w) x 9" (h) x 2" (l)

Overall with handle: 27" (l)

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