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Leda, the "Mother of Light" was a Spartan queen and mother of the twins Castor and Pollux - (Matching wavy cuffs shown under "Jewelry" page) in Greek mythology. This handbag was inspired by bringing together the two cuffs, "Castor" and 'Pollux"  with the beautiful and calm wave at the bottom representing their Mother, Leda. 


Features: Brown sapphires, pyrite, freshwater pearls, obsidian, labradorite, black onyx crystal beads, black European deer, Italian cream leather, European suede interior, deer handle, deer fringe, handsewn handle holes, handsewn side-bottoms, laced sides, hand-braided handle and cinch, Dogon moonbeads, Tuareg pendants, African silver metal charms.


Overall dimensions: 7.5" (w) x 8" (h) x 3.75" (l)

Dimensions with handle: 26" (l) 

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