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ARELLA hand-cut brass and copper rings, beads, leather.

  • The Story

    I wanted to represent the idea of a life of collecting thoughts, emotions, physical articles, etc. through a period of time and then shedding all of this, exfoliating. I visualize a collection through natural materials in a form of a web and than be released in a rush, all at once. An idea to create life and death. A start for new beginnings. A recharge for our energy. 

  • Behind the Story

    Visualize the beginning of our life, representing transparency. We collect all kinds of information, the yin and the yang. Throughout life we are moved by experiences and hold these times close to us. We not only collect positive energy, but negative as well. Before we can recharge and start a new chapter, we must exfoliate and depart from these experiences, cutting roots and replanting ourselves.


    When we exfoliate we start with the top surface, physically the “dirt” on our skin. In color psychology, representing material wealth and security (representing the dark metallic beads) and then we began to purify ourselves. Purity and innocence, in color psychology generally represents white (representing the white and transparent beads).  The small brass charms represent our entangled webs and our root system. Hint, our wild veins. 
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