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Known as the supreme creator god in the religion of the Dogon people of West Africa, Amma is thought of as the god who holds the world firmly in both hands. Heaven, which is also regarded by the Dogon as the creator, is called Amma. At the beginning of time, Amma (a supreme god who lived in the celestial regions and was the origin of all creation) created the Earth and immediately joined with it. The stars represent the various bodily parts of Amma, while the constellation of Orion is called "amma bolo boy tolo", "the seat of Heaven".  Inspired by this beautiful creation story, the Amma tote has a diamond point in the center of the handbag representing a piece of a star - an ode to the celestial regions of creation. 


Featuring: luxurious European calf leather, Dogon moonbeads, handbraided straps and sides, African silver metal beads, and Turkmen charms.


Overall dimensions: 15.25" (w) 12.5" (h) x 5.25" (l)

Overall with handles: 22" (h)

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